Best of Bridge Kitchen Simple


With over 4 million books sold, Best of Bridge is cherished for their scrumptious, cozy, timeless recipes. Always delicious and easy-to-follow, Best of Bridge: Kitchen Simple is a welcome return to easy techniques with simple ingredients designed to take the stress out of mealtime. These all-new 125 recipes will continue your trust in Best of Bridge to bring appetizing dishes.

Struggling to find an easy weeknight family meal everyone will look forward to? Turkey Zucchini Meatballs will be the answer. Short on time? Try your hand at the Skillet Egg Roll. Have a sweet craving and want to use your Instant Pot? Why not London Fog Rice Pudding! Need an idea for Meatless Monday? Try our Mushroom Jamaican Handpies.

By focusing on simple, easy-to-prepare recipes, smart strategies for meal prep and ingredient lists with supermarket staples, Kitchen Simple is just what it sounds like: tasty food with easy techniques all created with the Best of Bridge readers in mind.


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ISBN-10: 0778806820
ISBN-EAN: 9780778806820
Price (USD): $29.95
Price (CAD): $29.95
Format: Hardcover Concealed Wiro
Number of Pages: 256
Published Date: 02/11/2021