It’s now super quick and easy to find all your favourite Bridge recipes because we’ve installed a handy “Recipes” link at the top of our home page AND you can also access the recipes from any other page on the site! You can now search by the refined categories or tags, or simply type in a word in “Search” and all the recipes and articles pertaining to that word will appear.

There’s also terrific news for those of you who are on Facebook and Pinterest.  We’ve  created our very own Best of Bridge Facebook page and Pinterest board. So now when you  click on “Join the Conversation” you can see what  we’re up to and what members of the Bridge community are also interested  in and talking about. In fact we  loved the asparagus photo Maureen Walton posted on Facebook so much, we wanted to share it with everyone on our homepage. Thanks Maureen!

And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter where you’ll have access to recipes not found on the site plus loads of opportunities to enter fun and easy contests and giveaways.

Finally in other Bridge news, we’re in the closing stretch of sending the files for The Complete Best of Bridge Cookbooks, Volume 3 to the printer.  It will feature all 350 recipes from That’s Trump and Aces and should be ready to ship to stores by late August. A chance to complete your collection if you’re a long time fan or part of the next generation who want to enjoy simple recipes with gourmet results.

As always, we wish you continued fun and success in your kitchen!

The easiest way to find something that’s lost around the house is to buy a replacement.

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