Best of Bridge Weekday Suppers

It is finally here! Time to celebrate and enjoy Best of Bridge Weekday Suppers. It is chock full of recipes that are perfect for helping to get you through the week, any time of the year. 

For many of us, October officially kicks off entertaining season and is the perfect time of year to enjoy so many seasonal and tasty foods. We hope that you are able to pop into a market, visit a farm, or harvest your own garden bounty and enjoy it with those that you love. 

And with Thanksgiving right around the corner, thoughts of family gatherings are strong with all of us. We love sharing these special times along with delicious food with family and friends, while creating memories for our children and grandchildren. Whether you are making dinner this Thanksgiving or have been asked to bring a dish, Best of Bridge has you covered.

Happy Thanksgiving and Harvest Time! 




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  1. I just made the no bake chocolate oat squares and when I cut them they started to fall apart. The oats did not stick together when taken out of the pan. I followed the directions and recipe. Did you have trouble getting the oats to stick together? Is there anything I can do to salvage this pan of oat squares? I hate to have to throw the whole thing in the garbage.

    • Sorry that they didn’t turn out for you! You can salvage your pan of squares by chopping it up and serving over ice cream. In future, make sure that the oat mixture does not get overcooked to make sure it stays intact.

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